KSK PRECISION Basic Hair Transplant Kit


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Kit Contents:

* 2 x Extraction Forceps: Facilitate precise extraction of follicular units from the donor area.
* 2 x Implantation Forceps:  Designed for gentle handling and placement of grafts in the recipient area.
* 1 x Petri Dish:  Provides a sterile environment for storing extracted grafts during the procedure.
* CTS Blade Holder:  Securely holds disposable blades for recipient site preparation.
* 3 x CTS Blades (0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.1mm):  Offer a range of sizes for creating recipient site openings tailored to individual graft size.
* 2 x Punches (Sharp & Serrated – 0.9mm & 1.0mm): Allow for controlled extraction of follicular units with minimal tissue damage. (Punch size selection may vary based on surgeon preference)
* Gentian Violet:  Topical antiseptic solution for marking the recipient area.
* Autoclavable Instrument Box:  Ensures safe and convenient storage of sterilized instruments.
* Extraction Machine: Required for motorized extraction of follicular units.
* Implantors (Sharp 1mm x 2, Sava 1mm x 1): Facilitate precise placement of grafts within recipient sites. (Implantor selection may vary based on surgeon preference)
* Magnifier: Enhances visualization for meticulous graft extraction and implantation.

*Benefits of KSK Surgicals’ Basic Hair Transplant Kit:*

* High-Quality Instruments: Crafted from durable materials for optimal performance and longevity.
* Complete Solution: Provides essential tools for successful FUE procedures.
* Sterile Packaging: Ensures instrument safety and hygiene.
* Competitive Pricing: Offers a cost-effective solution for starting your hair transplant practice.

*Order your Basic Hair Transplant Kit today and experience the KSK Surgicals difference!*

*KSK Surgicals offers a comprehensive Basic Hair Transplant Kit designed to equip you for successful FUE procedures. This kit includes all the essential instruments to ensure efficient graft extraction, preservation, and implantation.



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Basic kit collageKSK PRECISION Basic Hair Transplant Kit
  • INR: ₹ 58,240.68