About Us

KSK Surgicals has been established by renowned dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Kavish Chouhan with the aim to provide high quality surgical equipments LASER devices and hair transplant training at affordable prices. KSK Surgicals is a renowned brand to buy essential tools and equipment for hair transplant and dermato surgical OT set up at a reasonable price.
We deal with OT lights, tables, chairs, and other products to improve the infrastructure of your Operation Theatre Hall. Our advanced stocks of OT tools are useful to complete hair transplant surgery successfully. Moreover, you will get OT gowns here.

Our Mission

Our company is dedicated to providing complete assistance in hair transplantation and dermo-surgical OT set up. The prime quality OT tools can keep your theatre ready to perform the successful Hair transplant and dermato surgical process. Our aesthetic and surgical gowns for the doctors and assistants can keep them well protected and disinfected. Apart from these tools, our professional surgeons train the doctors in hair transplantation surgery practically.

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