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Enhance your proficiency and confidence in hair transplant procedures with the HT Practice Kit – your essential training companion from KSK Surgicals.

Introducing the HT Practice Kit from KSK Surgicals – the perfect solution for honing your skills and mastering hair transplant techniques:

  1. Forceps (x2): Essential tools for precise handling and extraction of hair follicles.
  2. CTS Blade Holder: Ensures secure positioning of CTS blades for accurate incisions and practice
  3. CTS Blades: High-quality blades for practicing clean and precise
  4. FUE Punch: Practice with confidence using the FUE
  5. Manual Graft Extraction Handle: Mimics the manual extraction
  6. Sharp Implanter: Practice implantation techniques with precision using one step sharp
  7. Clay Box: Provides a realistic simulation of recipient area, allowing for practice in a lifelike
  8. Electric Graft Extraction Device: Experience the efficiency of electric extraction with this device, perfect for mastering automated extraction methods.


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