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Achieve professional-grade microblading results with our complete kit – designed for accuracy, efficiency, and stunning outcomes.

Introducing the Complete Set of Microblading Kit from KSK Surgicals – your essential toolkit for achieving flawless eyebrows:

  1. Microblading Eyebrow Pens: Two pens for precision and versatility in eyebrow design.
  2. Microblading Needle Varieties: Two types of needles for customized
  3. Eyebrow Pen: Additional pen for backup or alternative
  4. Disposable Eyebrow Ruler Tools: 5 disposable tools for precise measurements and
  5. Pigment Ink: High-quality ink for long-lasting and natural-looking
  6. Pigment Cup Rings: 10 rings for convenient and organized pigment
  7. Wipe Strips: Pack of wipe strips for maintaining a clean and sterile working
  8. Eyebrows Template: Template for shaping and outlining eyebrows with
  9. 3D Silicone Practicing Skin: Ideal for honing skills and techniques before working on


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  • USD: 149.00$