Hair Transplant Instrument Starter Kit


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Hair Transplant Kit is a very essential set of tools used by the surgeon in the complex procedure of Hair Transplant. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area with the help of punches. punches come in various diameters to accommodate different follicle sizes. Forceps have a fine tip & it’s used to handle & implant the extracted hair follicle into the recipient area of the scalp. Graft storage containers or Petri dishes with a special solution to store hair follicles.

  1.  Head wearing magnifier x1
  2. HT Motor with handpiece x1
  3. CTS Blades x3 Packets (30 Blade/Packet)
  4. 45 Forceps with grip for extraction & implantation (4 each) total 8
  5. CTS Blade Holder x1
  6. Cole sharp punch x 4 pice

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Hair Transplant Instrument Starter Kit
  • USD: 499.00$